The Song: Maybe I Might, unofficial title track

Maybe I Might

Today I’d like you to listen to this song, Maybe I Might. I often refer to it as the “unofficial title track” of The Critic because it expresses what The Critic is about more clearly and explicitly than any other song on the record. This song is about that part of myself that kept me on the outside of life, always analyzing, always judging, but never participating.

In June of 2009 two simultaneous sets of events in my life set the stage for this song and album. I turned 25, which is kind of a milestone birthday. Becoming a quarter of a century old made me realize that I wasn’t living the life I was meant to lead, and that I had wasted¬†too much¬†time. That made me very sad. I knew that in order to get my life on the right path, I’d have to quit the band that kept me working for three years, the biggest project I’d undertaken as a pro musician. I would have to make a record of my own. Since I’ve aborted two full-length albums in past 5 years, I wasn’t optimistic that I could succeed in completing and releasing my own album. I had huge mental roadblocks that I had no idea how to remove. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea how find the faith to make these big moves.

The other thing that happened was almost cinematic (at least in memory) in how it changed me. Lacy invaded my life. She wanted to get to know me and be with me, and I was so resistant. The life I had been living had left me feeling hollow. A difficult and dramatic extended break-up had deadened me emotionally. Lacy saw through that somehow. She challenged my point of view in a way no other person in my life could. She made me feel optimistic. I began to believe in our relationship, and in myself, and in my music. Love began to grow, slowly and cautiously, and I began to to do things. I started recording a new album in secret. New songs (such as this one I’m talking about) came to me in waves of inspiration. My whole life improved.

Maybe I Might came at a very particular moment in all of this. All at once one evening I saw myself for who I was, a critic. I had all the right ideas but I wasn’t following up on those ideas. I was scared to fail, both in love and in music. I also saw Lacy. She offered me something great, a “spark to start,” and I saw that I had to figure out whether or not I was going to take her up on it. I knew that sooner or later I’d have to decide things, but I wasn’t ready to commit to anything or anybody. I hope that by the end of the song, you can here my “maybe” evolving into something more like “hopefully” or even “definitely,” because I really do want to fight for every spark of good that I have. So far, it’s been worth it.

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