Seattle Report!

So, I got taken out of town this past weekend, and…wow. It was a truly inspiring little getaway. My girlfriend Lacy took me to Seattle as a surprise for my birthday (the trip wasn’t the surprise, the destination was).  Purely in terms of cultural experiences, it was pretty much the best weekend I’ve ever had. We went to Seattle Art Museum, which has a special Kurt Cobain exhibit as well as a collection of Andy Warhol’s media works. We saw Inception. I know we could have seen that at home, but I wasn’t about to wait that long! We had front row tickets to see The Avett Brothers, and they were as great as they usually are. We went to a comedy club one evening, which was super-special for me. I’m a huge nerd about stand-up comedy, but I rarely get to see it done live. We also had a blast watching street musicians and looking at the wares of local artisans. So basically we saw a staggering amount of great art. I mean, Inception and Warhol in the same weekend? That’s a lot to take in right there. It felt good to be overwhelmed by awesomeness all weekend.

When I experience a piece of art that is truly astonishing and beautiful, it feeds my Hungry Artist in a very weird way. It is deeply satisfying, but it simultaneously fills me with a powerful desire to make something great myself. I want to add to the surplus of beauty so badly that it almost hurts. Even in this moment, I can feel the desire burning inside of me. I hope that my desire turns into meaningful action. Maybe it already has.

It was a real blessing, this trip. It reminded me of the importance of going out and experiencing beauty. I highly recommend that you find a way to start exploring the world more. You don’t have to travel too far, but you do have to open yourself up and let experience change you. Don’t be surprised if you come home with a new passion in your chest and a head full of great ideas.

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