Of Upcoming Shows in Faraway Cities!

Since I am a father, instructor, and music minister in addition to being a rock guitarist and singer-songwriter, I haven’t dipped my toes in the touring waters very much these past 2 years. I’ve been wanting to start taking some small solo tours, but I confess that fear has kept me at home. Let’s face it, it’s way easier to stay home, but my wanderlust is getting the better of me. I’ve decided to give in.

One month from now, I will sally forth in the Northen direction on my first official solo acoustic tour. I’ll be performing (as of now) in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota on Sunday September 11th, and Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, September 13th. I’m not going to tell you exactly where these shows will be just yet, because they’ll mostly be house concerts and I am hesitant to reveal anyone’s home address here.

So basically, I’m looking to hopefully create one or two more shows to make this mini-tour work a little bit better. Either on Saturday the 10th or Monday the 12th (or even both), I’d like to perform in a midwestern city, perhaps Des Moines or Kansas City. Does anybody out there want to host me? I need a place to play and stay, so if you’d like to host a house concert, or you know of a church that would be willing to host a concert, please e-mail me this week and we’ll try to get something set up. I’m also looking into coffeehouse/small clubs so if there’s a neighborhood music venue in your city that has an open slot, I’m all for that as well. Pretty much anything that might possibly generate an intimate listening audience, I’m willing to do.

Also, I’ve started a rockethub.com campaign to raise enough gas money so that the tour has a chance to make a profit! Please give, there’s rewards!


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    Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke ….
    can not figure out how to send you gas money …. really want to do it. LET ME KNOW cause I can not make that other site work –

    a little note – I think the guitar playing you do in church is fantastic – when I was listening to your CD I did not seem to hear all the variations and detail in chords and plucked strings that I love so in church. I think Chris gives just the right amount of extra … you do not need a band. SO I really do want to give you $$$ so you can record the Dream of God just for me. It just gets better each week.

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