No More Brutally Honest!!! Gasp!

You read that correctly, I am retiring the term Brutally Honest as of this post and the final Brutally Honest post that you will find below this post. You see, the Brutally Honest Newsletter was intended to be an extension of Brutally Honest Wednesdays, which was a singer-songwriter group aiming to improve the local music scene by encouraging interaction, collaboration and disciplined creativity among local artists. It was an experiment that did what it was supposed to do (I think),  and I don’t really wish to keep jump-starting a dead battery. I think it’s time to re-focus and start with a fresh project.

So here’s the new deal: I am developing a new weekly e-mail that will synergize various elements of what I do: songwriting, performing, teaching, blogging, etc . There will be lots of exclusive stuff, like free music and members-only performances.  There will also be some “Brutally Honest-esque” content but it won’t take center stage. I really want to put my art first, and focus on creating things rather than merely writing about it every week.

Important: If you’re interested in this new direction I’m taking, you must send me your e-mail. This is an opt-in kind of thing. I’m building this from the ground up, I’m not going to add e-mails from the Brutally Honest mailing list. Please note that the stuff in my new e-mails will not be simultaneously posted to this website, so if you want to be in the loop, this is the only way.

Also, please read the previous post, it’s the last Brutally Honest (#55) and I think it’s a good one.

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