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Luke For Lessons!

Looking for effective one-on-one guitar instruction? If you’re in New Braunfels, Cibolo, Schertz, or somewhere close by, I might be the answer! Your first lesson can be free if you’d like to visit my studio and get to know me before making any commitments. Just send me an e-mail, and we’ll get it set up. In the meantime, read a little bit more about what I do.

I take students of all ages. My youngest student is 6, my eldest is 70.

I have a music degree.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Music from Texas Lutheran University back in 2005.

I am a working musician. Teaching guitar is just one aspect of my musical life. I also write, perform, and record. My teaching is heavily influenced by the fact that I’m deeply involved with the business of creating and performing music in the real world.

I use multiple approaches. Learning from a classical perspective alone can be dry. Learning from a folk or rock perspective might leave out important musical concepts. My style attempts to blend both perspectives so my students have a solid foundation for their musical endeavors.

I have a flexible schedule. Morning, lunch hour, early afternoon, mid-afternoon, early evening, whatever you need, let me know and I’ll accommodate.

I teach creativity. My specialties as an instructor include music theory, improvisation, performance coaching, and songwriting. My best students tend to be interested in things like writing original music or playing lead guitar.

I teach on the internet. Wanna try lessons on Skype? Send me a message and we’ll try it out. Wanna listen to some free lessons? You’re just a click or two away already!

I get it done. I truly believe that I can teach anyone to play guitar. Give me a year of solid practice, and you will not be disappointed with the results.


-Luke Leverett


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    New Braunfels, Texas Phone: 830-708-5883