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The Water and The Cup: A lesson about the creative processes

We all need a drink, am I right? Water makes life possible, to such an extent that human bodies are made more of water than other substance. So water is a BIG deal. Like I said, we all need a drink, but we also need a place to put it. We need a vessel to […]

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Wrapped Up In The Mystery

I prefer disorientation when it comes to music. I live to be deceived, and would far rather be seduced than have anything explained. –Joe Henry The above quote comes from the forward to the newest album by folk-pop duo The Milk Carton Kids. That album is called Prologue, and it is acoustic harmony MAGIC for […]

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12 Disappointing Facts About Pop Music? Here’s An Exciting One.

So of course I clicked on this article, as it’s been posted to facebook by a number of my friends, both musicians and fans. At first, when I read it, I was annoyed by these facts, but upon reflection I am so much more annoyed by what it reveals about the general public’s perception of […]

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A 50-year-old Plays His First Guitar Solo

It’s never been enough for me, to just “teach guitar.” I don’t come from the “put your finger here” school of guitar teaching. I really try to give my students the tools to understand music and create their own, rather than working their “Sweet Child O’ Mine” intro (although I totally could show you how […]

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