Brutally Honest #55

Imagine this for me: You’re on the deck of a burning ship. You can see the flames, feel their heat, but you still don’t want to abandon ship. You’ve been a crew member for many years. You own 25% of this barge now, you ain’t leaving! You decide to stay on board so you can try to steer the ship to safety before it’s completely destroyed.
You wouldn’t do that of course, nobody’s that stupid. However, in real life we make decisions like this all the time. I know from personal experience that it’s hard to say no, it’s hard to quit, and it’s hard to jump ship even during a catastrophe. When I get involved with something, even if I don’t particularly like it or agree with it, I find that it’s difficult to stop. No one wants to be a quitter.
Actually, everyone wants to be a quitter, but most are too scared of the consquences.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had to learn when and how and why to quit. I was in a band that didn’t live up to my vision of it’s potential. It took me months to work up the courage to quit. Before that, I was in a relationship that was dragging me into a personal hell. Getting out of that also took a long time. Both choices were difficult to make and execute but were absolutely essential to my survival.

Basically, if you’re not where you’re supposed to be in life, you have a choice to make. You can keep coming up with reasons not to quit (“it’s not the right time” “if I can just stick this out another year…” “maybe once things settle down,”) or you can admit the truth to yourself. You can’t move on to the next thing until you’ve gotten free of the old thing, so anything else is just burning up your life.

As for me, I’m jumping to the next thing. Will you jump too?

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