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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Brutally Honest #54: How To Fix Your Music Career (and mine)

When I graduated college, I had a plan to start making a living as a musician. I was pretty sure I could acheive a decent starting income within a few months of work. I figured it would be a matter of having enough venues that I could play regularly within a 3 hour radius. I […]

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Brutally Honest #53: “One Full Year”

I am now one full year into what I call my “real career.” I was thrilled when I realized that last week’s Brutally Honest #52 would be published the same date that I released my debut album, which took about a year to create. That was such a pleasant coincidence that it almost felt preordained. […]

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Brutally Honest #52: “To Make A Contribution, Not A Living”

I got my first guitar lesson the summer I turned 12. My beloved Uncle Joe taught me how to play a one-finger G chord on his guitar, which I had been thrashing at unmercifully. My father had to buy me a guitar pretty shortly thereafter, because I was already hooked. By the time I was […]

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Brutally Honest #51: Singing from Liminal Spaces

5 or 6 months ago, I was listening to an early draft of The Critic with my girlfriend. She made a great observation about the songs. She said: “the characters in your songs are always leaving, but they’re never ‘there’ yet.” It took me a second to realize it, but yes basically that’s the position […]

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