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Fight The Right Enemy

There’s a certain Starving Artist trait that I absolutely despise: the tendency for a Starving Artist to blame outside factors for his failure. There’s always at least one artist in any given scene that constantly bitches about how horrible the scene is, how it’s kept them from finding an audience and getting rich. There are […]

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The Sword In The Stone Is About Me. And Maybe It’s About You Too.

I decided to watch The Sword in The Stone today. I know that seems random, but I promise you it isn’t. I’m a film nut and I am way into animation. I also have some free time. Like most Americans I’ve seen many animated Disney movies many many times, but for some reason I only […]

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Brutally Honest #47

I don’t really feel like saying anything today. I don’t always have a great insight to share you know. Maybe there’s an idea, but the words just aren’t there. Maybe I want to say something, but I don’t have a clue what that should be. I am commited to writing this thing every week, but […]

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My Month of Preparation

In preparation for my CD release show on September 9th, I’ve decided that the month of August is a woodshedding month. I’m going to be spending as much time practicing and preparing as possible because I want to make the release show my best show to date. Yesterday I started my “work month” by clocking […]

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