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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Brutally Honest #50: How I Made Myself Some Money This Morning

I probably made myself a lot of money this morning. I didn’t earn it, strictly speaking. I haven’t worked for yet. I don’t have this money yet either, nor do I have a contract promising it to me, but I’m confident that the money is made. I’m very happy about this, especially since all I […]

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First Person

There are a lot of different perspectives that one can use to tell a story. An author working on a new novel must choose a narrator for the story, a point of view from which to observe the action. Her choice won’t be arbitrary, because she knows that perspective used will affect the story told. […]

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Brutally Honest #49: Now What?

So I’ve got this little record that I’ve made, and I like it and I think it represents my songs and my self fairly well. Little elves in a big CD tree are baking up a thousand copies of this sucker as we speak, so very soon I’ll have many boxes of CDs in my […]

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The Song: Maybe I Might, unofficial title track

Maybe I Might Today I’d like you to listen to this song, Maybe I Might. I often refer to it as the “unofficial title track” of The Critic because it expresses what The Critic is about more clearly and explicitly than any other song on the record. This song is about that part of myself […]

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