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The Critic is going to be freed at last!

I’m proud to say that my debut record The Critic has an official release date: Thursday, September 9th. On September 9th, I will be performing a full band show at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio. This will be my one and only CD release concert. I don’t like it when a band puts out a CD and they call every show […]

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Pop Music For Smart People: It’s Not Just A Prententious Catchphrase…Anymore!

Pop Music for Smart People. That’s the phrase that I use to describe my art. It’s not just a tongue-in-cheek tagline for the website, it’s a statement of purpose. The pop music for smart people phrase has been in my mind for years, but I’ve never commited to building my work around it. I recently […]

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Brutally Honest #43

Has anyone every offered Rock Star Lessons? Is there a degree program out there designed to teach you how to be a popular recording artist? Is there a “For Dummies” book on this topic, even?       Of course not. All those question are absurd. Nobody can teach you how to be an Indie Singer/Songwriter or a Rock Star. It’s also not a job […]

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Brutally Honest #42: How To Treat Your Insanity

Here’s a definition of insanity that you have most likely heard somewhere: “insanity is doing the same actions over and over and expecting different results.” This type of insanity is widespread amongst musicians. I meet people all the time who are 3 or 5 or 8 years into a music career and have done a the same things many times and […]

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