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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Brutally Honest #46 “The One Where Luke Quits Smoking”

So yeah, I quit smoking 6 days ago. When people talk about how hard it is to quit smoking, they talk in terms of the nicotine withdrawl symptoms. I’ve read a lot this week about those symptoms and I’ve experienced quit a few of them firsthand. They suck, they truly do, but there’s something that […]

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Stop Looking At The Big Picture and Sweat the Small Stuff!

I believe that we all have our own Big Picture. There’s a Grand Vision that we all have for ourselves. In our minds, we imagine the perfect life. We want to live full rich lives. We want to love. We want to do something that matters before we die. We want to be happy. This […]

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Seattle Report!

So, I got taken out of town this past weekend, and…wow. It was a truly inspiring little getaway. My girlfriend Lacy took me to Seattle as a surprise for my birthday (the trip wasn’t the surprise, the destination was).  Purely in terms of cultural experiences, it was pretty much the best weekend I’ve ever had. We went to Seattle […]

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Brutally Honest #44: In Which A Guitar Solo is A Metaphor

 I love playing guitar solos. That’s not a stunning revelation to anyone, is it? When I get really inspired by a song I’m playing and it’s my turn to take a lead and I make something cool happen, that’s one of my greatest pleasures as a musician. When I’m really feeling it I improvise freely, I try crazy ideas on the fly (that […]

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