Check Out: Hymn for Her

So here’s a kick-ass new band for you. If you loved The White Stripes the way that I do, then you’ve probably got a hole in your heart for a roots/garage rock (actually, it’s Airstream Rock…more on that in a sec) duo that knows how to mix traditional folk styles with a ferocious punk rock attack and a dose of experimentalism. Well Hymn For Her does all that and more. Hymn and Her are a husband-and-wife duo who recorded their latest “stomp-grass” album in their 16 foot 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer, in which they also live and tour with their young daughter. Their names are Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing. Lucy plays the cigar box guitar with a broom handle neck. Wayne juggles guitar and banjo duty while also playing kick drum and hi-hat with his feet, and sometimes blowing some harp. They both sing lead, although it seems from listening to their excellent Lucy & Wayne and THE AMAIRICAN STREAM record that Wayne is the dominant singer/songwriter. The songs veer from footstompin’ bluegrass to indie rock and sometimes to outright rock and roll, sometimes all within one track. It’s a raw, honest record, definitely worth a listen.

I love that we live in a world where I can discover a great new band like this, with a great sound and a compelling story. I mean, this band is as small as a band can be, almost. I didn’t hear about them from the radio or a magazine of course, but through the internet. It’s not that Hymn for Her have a great web presence, either. You know how many people follow them on Twitter? 156! Fewer than me, even. They’re doing better on Facebook, where they have some 2,000+ fans. Still, this is not a famous act, these are not people with an advertising budget. These are people who “merely” have something awesome and different going on with their music. Thanks to the internet, that’s actually enough. All they had to do was something cool, and I’ve heard of them. That makes me happy.

Be sure to check out their excellent Led Zep cover! Click on it now!



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